How Mobilty Helps ?

Mobility, enabled by many different technologies and devices is changing the way where and how customers wants its goods and services delivered. It introduces opportunities for enterprise where and how these products and services are offered and delivered. Mobility even redefines the service catalogue. Top organizations are far more likely to arm its employees with business process capabilities on their mobile devices and that an increasing number of businesses are developing custom mobile applications.

How Glocalings Can Help ?

Glocalings helps defining, implementing / developing and supporting your Mobility Strategy. In Operational Enablement: we help your customer, workforce and vendor interactions become mobile. At the speed of thought, end to end operations can engage through your enterprise. This speeds up delivery of product and services. For retailers we can enable tablets at shop floor, in Hospitals we enable doctors and nurses address test results pro-actively. We can help collaboration between medical warehouse operators, or enable Androids or smart phones to technicians in the field so they can record service visits and optimize driving routes. We can help you unleash the potential of the mobile revolutions. Enterprise mobility is also risky. More devices in your network means your corporate data will be in the hands of a greater number of people. According to security and mobility experts, between 10 and 20 percent of enterprises will experience a mobile data breaches annually. We can help secure your applications and networks from such risks and breaches.

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