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solution architecture

Glocalings has the top team of Solution Architect that cover wide range of business need. We cover variety of Architecture needs, from broad business model and IT landscape development to detailed designs of individual components. Our Solution Architecture is offered for Financial Solutions, HR Supply Chain, Customer Management, Marketing Management, General Supply Chains, Transport management. These offers are organised in an industry and technology agnostic way.
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data -warehousing

We are leaders in Business Information Warehousing solutions. We build robust and futuristic, Corporate information factory, Data Consolidation Factory , Data integration and transformation models, Layered Scalable Architecture etc.. The data-warehouse that we build can then be used for variety of purposes such as for Analytics and Reporting


Our performance management solutions are set of solutioning that encompass business planning, group consolidation and organisation management monitoring using industry leading tools such as SAP BO / BPC / BW / IP / APO amongst others. We ensure that your business is measuring, reporting and planning for growth, that it maintains or achieves industry leadership. We link your strategic goals to your key performance indicators and further to the operations from where these measures originate or to which these relate. This ensures that what you intend to measure is also what you "actually" measure.
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Our Reporting solutions implements Performance Monitoring using easy to use reports that can be generated either in real time or on adhoc basis and helps managers to control business operations and underpins decision supports. The Dashboard solutions on the other hand translates performance measures into deep insights, through visually compelling artistic instigators.

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The landscape of technology, infrastructure and the application offering models by the major application vendors in Enterprise application space has changed beyond incremental change. It has immense impact on the way businesses operates. Leading these changes are the Mobility, the plethora of ready to use, pluggable applications and the stream of Actionable Analytics. Businesses that don’t stay on the curve, if not ahead, are in great danger of finding their operating models redundant.

Glocalings was one of the first consulting companies to have used in memory computing techniques for big data as far back as in 2006. We were one of the first to launch SAP HANA consulting and SAP HANA POC

Glocalings offer unbeatable partnering opportunity which can be used by the clients to stay ahead of the competition.