What we mean by cloud ?

Cloud is a business application provisioning model where the provider offers a variant of Pay on Use / Subscription, which generally includes all hardware, software and maintenance costs. Often, these software come with templates that can fit an organization requirement. They are easier to setup and relatively faster to implement. Many time, they can be ordered on Auto Setup, where the initial configuration can be started as soon as Order is placed.

Why is Cloud important ?

The cloud business model is generally less expensive for businesses than “on premises” model. The business can utilize state of the art infrastructure of the provider at an affordable price, is able to evaluate latest and specialist applications on trial and are assured of guaranteed uptime backed by SLAs. It can also help Businesses understand the trend of understanding technological developments, which in turn can underpin strategic decisions.

Challenges & How Glocalings Can Help ?

Data Migration & Customization: We help enterprise customise cloud applications for its requirement and migrate data into the systems. Integration with Solution Portfolio : Cloud provides opportunity to use specialist applications, consequently it creates unique integration challenges. Glocalings can help companies integrate applications using different sets of technologies so that for the user, the interface offers a seamless experience. Security: One of the greatest challenges of putting applications into cloud provider is that data also is held at provider location. We help enterprise fully understand security aspects and if required we design additional controls and audits on data. Pricing : Glocalings has years of experience managing cloud based applications and can help enterprises understand the pricing models of the cloud service providers.

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