What is Actionable in Analytics ?

Actionable Analytics are set of analytics which are used by managers to help them execute daily operations. As an example, if a Sales Manager is able to access dynamic profitability to guide them in deciding price bands from a live environment, they can use this data to decide whether or not to offer a price to a customer and close a deal. A manager with better visibility to resource availability can allocate resources more appropriately. Most CxOs realise the importance of analytics and want their managers to use analytics in decision making, but few have succeeded.

How Glocalings Can Help ?

Glocalings have through years of experience worked to understand and address the issue of lack of user adoption of the analytics. Our learnings are, to adopt analytics, managers must have ability, trust and speed at which they can use these numbers while running their day to day business. As businesses explode with data, both structured and unstructured, each of these factors become more and more challenging to address. The solutions to these bottlenecks are visualization, technology and clear and accurate visibility of business operations and data capture points. Using our, In Memory / data warehousing / database expertise we help resolve the issue of speed. W e use "thought through" dash boarding solution which are, multi- device compatible (desktop, mobile, pad etc) addresses issue of easy visualization. Where possible, we integrate our dash-boarding solutions into the Business Process making it seamless to user. Our deep understanding of business process expertise enables us to identify the right data capture points and define the ETL process until visualization. The results are robust, actionable and pleasurable, experience for the managers who can only be glad to integrate the analytics into their day to day operations.

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